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Issue 3,  Spring 2017

This month we’re talking about optics on the move. From autonomous vehicles to turning on a lathe, the optics we’re coating are finding their way into new applications faster than ever before. Read on to see some of the places we’re going, and how far we’ve come already.

LiDAR Coatings Take Many Forms

LiDAR is becoming more of a household word as self-driving cars and high-end vehicles with collision avoidance systems make their way into the daily news. But LiDAR actually encompasses a much more varied range of applications and optical designs, each with their own unique coating needs. In this tech note, we’ll talk about what LiDAR is, where it’s used, where optical coatings fit in, and how AccuCoat adapts to it all.  

plastic optics coatings

5 Reasons to Choose AccuCoat for your SPDT Optics

Single point diamond turning (SPDT) allows optics to be quickly and very accurately produced for prototyping purposes or volume manufacture of very complex geometries. Coating these optics has become something of a specialty for us, and we’ll share 5 reasons why.


The AccuCoat Journey

We’ve grown a lot since being founded in 1998, developing specialized processes to serve a wide variety of markets and needs. All along the way, we’ve had one simple goal – to create high-quality coatings that solve problems for our customers, and to do it quickly and consistently. That’s why we were honored to be selected by Electro Optics magazine for a company profile this month. Thanks very much to EO and Jessica Rowbury for sharing our history and passion for coatings!


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