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Partner with AccuCoat for your next custom coating design. Our experienced coating engineers work directly with yours. We know the right questions to ask to understand your application and design limitations, allowing us to offer creative solutions that really meet your project needs.  We specialize in coating your metal, crystal, glass or plastic substrate for a holistic approach to meeting your performance, pricing and delivery goals.


With quick-turn prototyping service, an experienced optical engineering staff, and manufacturing processes in place to ensure that your custom design is a success, we stand behind our ability to create and manufacture a customized coating on your provided substrates. We can accommodate a variety of substrate types and parts from 2 mm - 60 cm using our adjustable tooling.



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Asking for a quote on custom coatings can sometimes be daunting, even if you have prior experience. Technology changes rapidly and we can offer options that you may be unaware of that may be time or budget savers.

To make quoting new projects less stressful and time-consuming for everyone, we've developed our Top Specs Tips Series.

Download the PDFs and share with your team

Top Specs for Coatings on Glass - Checklist

Top Specs for Coatings on Metals - Checklist

Top Specs for Coatings on Plastics - Checklist


Substrate Materials - See complete list for details:

  • Glass
  • Crystal
  • Plastic – Molded or Polymer Optics
  • Metals – Polished or Plated Optics


Utilizing our in-house measurement equipment capabilities, we are ready to meet your specific requirements. Our standard coatings have been tested to meet Military Specifications, ISO Standards, and High Laser Damage Threshold tests (LDT).
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