Single point diamond turning (SPDT) allows optics to be quickly and very accurately produced for prototyping purposes or volume manufacture of very complex geometries. Coating these optics has become something of a specialty for us, and we’ll share 5 reasons why.

# 1) A Commitment to Quality

SPDT is a premium process by which optics are machined individually using diamond-tipped tools to high precision. We treat your parts as our own, and you can count on our extensive experience, optimized processes, and track record of quality to ensure you get the right coating at high yield.

# 2) Specialized Cleaning Processes

The machined nature of diamond-turned optics means that they seldom arrive at our facility in pristine condition. Our proprietary processes for cleaning & prepping these parts effectively remove residues and contamination to ensure excellent coating adhesion that holds up to MIL-STD testing.

# 3) The Right Tools

SPDT is used to create some of the most complex optical components available on the market, and often requires special fixtures for mounting during the coating process. We are the tooling experts, and can draw on our large stock of existing fixtures to quickly find or create a solution for coating most geometries, reducing your leadtime and cost.

# 4) More Coating & Material Choices

Almost any optical coating we offer can be coated on diamond-turned optics, from AR coatings to mirrors and more complex dielectrics. We have considerable experience in working with both metal and crystal substrates, and are an industry leader in coating plastic optics. Our specialized low-temperature coating processes are optimized to each project, ensuring optimum performance while safeguarding these precious parts.

# 5) Quick Turn

Rapid prototypes call for quick turn coatings that don’t compromise on quality. We routinely quote even 1-2 piece volumes, and typically ship within 1-2 weeks of receiving parts. We’re also ready to provide the same coating in volume quantities once your product goes to market.


When it comes to coating diamond-turned optics, don’t put your project budget and timeline at risk by working with an inexperienced vendor. At AccuCoat, we have the equipment, processes, and expertise to provide you with the right solution for your diamond-turned optics – on time, the first time.  Contact us today to get started!