Improving your glass or polymer MRD (red dot) sight performance is possible with AccuCoat’s extensive knowledge. We’ve provided top-notch military-grade coatings for the armed forces since 2005 and have supported commercial sight coatings for global brands.

MRD-drawing optic

Red dots, optics, or red dot optics are popular in the shooting community for their small size, clarity, and quality. They work with an LED light source with an optical lens. They allow a user to see the reticle (the dot) and view through the optic at the same time without magnification (1x). Higher quality optics offer AR or other additional coatings for improved accuracy in variable light. When paired with a handgun, they allow a more extended range, higher precision, and faster first shots, which is why they have been used by the military and police globally. They are perfect for beginners, are allowed in training, and are competition legal.

We can coat any size and shape material or combined coating required, including coatings with serious heavy-duty MilSpec durability to stand up against jet fuel, gun black, or insect repellent.

Available Red Dot Optic Options from AccuCoat

  • Coating both Round or Rectangles with round edges
  • Sizes from 15mm-50mm
  • Green or red dots
  • Other crosshair patterns
  • Night vision compatibility (IR coatings)
  • Specific coatings for glass or polymer materials

For more information, contact our team at to learn how we can support or improve your MRD sight optics.