Coatings on Plastics

AccuCoat has developed processes that enable us to effectively provide coatings on plastics, including Zeonex, Ultem, and high-index OKP materials with optical thin films that can meet the difficult environmental requirements of today's MIL-SPECs and ISO specifications. Typical tests include abrasion, humidity and multiday temperature cycling. Wide-angle AR coatings, beamsplitters, and dielectric mirrors are some of the products we have developed for a range of applications from the visible to the IR. Read more in our application note, Coating on Plastic Substrates.

New to coating on plastic in general? Before you send in your next RFQ, download our terrific Top Specs for Coatings on Plastic PDF for a faster and more complete quote.

Large Materials

Have Large Materials that need coating? We can deliver custom coatings on glass, metal and plastic materials.

Prototypes - 350 mm, Volume Coating - 200 mm

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Coating on SPDT and Molded Materials

AccuCoat has 20 years of experience in coating single-point diamond-turned polymer (SPDT) optics and molded optics. We continue to identify and qualify new materials for use in fabricating optics such as OKP materials.

Download information on OKP Materials for SPDT optics - High Index Polymer Materials

Coatings are designed to be index matched when required and customer specifications are met through the use of several thin-film design software programs.


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Many of our coatings, custom and standard, have been certified to meet stringent environmental and durability testing requirements.

Military Specifications: MIL-M-13508C, MIL-PRF-13830B, MIL-F-48616, MIL-C-14806A, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-C-675C
ISO Specifications: ISO 9211-3

Other common certifications include Laser Damage Threshold & Laser Damage Resistance testing.