Cleaning Services

AccuCoat has a fully automated ultrasonic cleaning process developed specifically for polymer and glass substrates. Hand cleaning with alcohol, acetone or custom solutions is also available. AccuCoat is certified to the Lawrence Livermore National Lab cleaning and packaging procedures.

precision ultrasonic cleaning


 Stripping Services

Our uniquely developed stripping process has proven to be very successful for a wide range of lens materials. This process ensures the best opportunity to reclaim your substrates. Our methods of removing coatings are carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure that your product is handled and treated with the customer in mind.

Due to the unknown materials used in customer supplied coated substrates, we can offer this on a best effort basis only.


Our Portable Cases Protect Your Optics

AccuCoat provides many of our volume OEM customers with specialized dust-free shipping containers for pre- and post-coating. Minimize shipping damage and have chamber-ready glass on arrival with customized tooling and padding. 

Our durable custom tooling totes improve your bottom line by minimizing damage to parts and reducing labor and handling time.  Request our portable tooling cases for your next fragile order.