Conveniently located in Rochester, New York, this privately owned and highly accomplished firm manufactures stock and custom-designed thin-film coatings. What began in 1998 by Patrick Iulianello and Paul Meier-Wang has developed into a world-class optical coating facility. The demand for their extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise prompted a move to a new 7,000 square foot manufacturing facility in October 2007, which doubled its size. In late 2011, AccuCoat once again expanded the facility to 11,000 square feet with additional lab and office space and several more coating chambers.


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Paul Meier WangPaul Meier-Wang


Hailing originally from New York City, Paul’s start in optical coating began with his training at Dunnshicht Technik in Rosenheim, Germany after earning his Chemical Engineering degree. Paul then helped to develop the optical coating department at TCI, a precision optics company in New York. There, he was able to focus on precision optics and making AR, beamsplitter, mirror and filter coatings on a variety of glass optics.

"After starting three coating operations from the ground up, we set out to serve the smaller companies in the industry and the prototyping work within. Just because a group does not have a million dollar order, does not make it less important to us. Since there are fewer management layers at AccuCoat, it has allowed me to work directly with the customer to have discussions on both the business and technical aspects of each of their projects and specific needs." 

Paul’s expertise took him to the Bausch and Lomb Thin Technology Division working on process development for high volume production of optical coatings on curved surfaces, primarily for the lighting industry. In support of Bausch and Lomb’s foray into the American eyeglass market, Paul worked on the development of low-temperature coatings on a variety of plastic substrates. After the sale of the division to the Applied Image Group, Paul joined forces with Patrick Iulianello to form AccuCoat, now a world-class optical coating facility. The merging of these two storied backgrounds and the combining of their wide-ranging experience in coatings on precision optics and plastic/polymer optics, these founding partners are uniquely positioned to develop coatings on these materials for an ever-evolving customer group.


Pat IulianelloPatrick J Iulianello

Vice President - Operations

Proud to be one of the founding partners, Patrick brings over two decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to all that he undertakes. First at Bausch and Lomb, and now at AccuCoat, Patrick counts Thin Film Coating applications in Precision Optical and Eyewear among his many talents. Prior to the founding of AccuCoat, Patrick made important contributions in Medical Device Fabrication at Baxter Medical and in Aircraft Assembly Methods at Boeing Aerospace.

“When we coat optics, our philosophy is that these are the customer’s products, and they should be handled that way. Whether expensive or low-cost, each customer’s product should be handled with equal respect. We treat all customers, large or small, with the same concern, whether it’s a single part in the run or a large volume OEM. I think that’s why they tell us they see much higher yield from us than other vendors.” 

Patrick specializes in several distinct areas, including thin film coating operations for glass, plastic and metal substrates, custom cleaning operations for precision optical substrates, component assembly operations, and inspection and test methods. High volume and custom manufacturing methods and clean room manufacturing methods for critical components are also areas of significant accomplishment for Patrick. Patrick is also looked to for his knowledge of Sun Glass lens fabrication, lens coating and assembly operations and Quality Management for FDA Medical Device Manufactures.

A graduate of the University of Buffalo’s School of Engineering, Patrick has completed the ISO9000 certification process for thin film coating operation.

Mark Kfoury

Director of Sales and Business Development

Mark Kfoury joined AccuCoat in 2024, bringing his extensive experience in technical and OEM
sales in the optical industry and as a team leader in well-known photonics companies such as
Chroma, Andover Corporation, and JML. His understanding of sales strategies and customer
relations in life sciences, astronomy, end-user, Mil/Aero and industrial markets is an exciting
addition to the AccuCoat team.

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