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Coating is the last step before an optic gets assembled for proof of concept testing, and we know how tight schedules can get at this point. That’s why our engineers ask the right questions to understand your application and your optics, allowing us to quickly offer reasonably priced, creative solutions at 1-2 piece volumes.

We typically quote within 2 days of RFQ and deliver within 1-2 weeks from receipt of parts. This is because many prototypes can be coated using our extensive collection of customized and adjustable in-house tooling, which in reduces NRE tooling charges and eliminates a common gating factor in leadtime.

Designed for Manufacturability

While not every prototype becomes a product, we like to think ahead. By understanding your true needs early on, we can develop a coating solution that gets you through prototyping quickly yet is designed to transition easily to volume.

We consider volume production details like tolerancing, clear aperture, handling, yield, and packaging when designing your prototypes, giving you confidence that the quality and performance you receive at 1-2 piece volumes can be replicated in the thousands and at your cost target.

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