What our customers say about us matters. Over the years, we have worked with numerous companies in over 36 countries with a wide range of optical coating needs.

Here are just a few of their comments about the value of our services and our expertise:


 Accucoat realizes for us complex coatings and we are very satisfied with their work: the coatings meet the specification and were able to withstand USP lasers regime. Once they have confirmed the delivery date they always deliver on time!

Product Line Manager from an optical systems developer, France

For more than 10 years AccuCoat Inc. has provided coating services for us. When we originally introduced our first light source using plastic optics, we were looking for a provider of AR coating (broad band) on polymers. AccuCoat Inc. was identified as one company of only a few that provide this service. Since the beginning we have been very pleased with the quality of the coatings from AccuCoat Inc.

Within all these years, they have guided us towards solutions that could improve either our quality, yield or make the process more efficient for us. We have always found AccuCoat Inc. very easy to communicate with, that is today a very important quality in the global community.

In our Light Sources we have from 2 to 8 polymer surfaces, so efficient AR coating of these are essential for the performance.


Frans Ravn, Technical Manager
ChemoMetec A/S, Denmark

Alan and his team at AccuCoat deliver prompt quotes, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and good yields on our CFM optical components. These are the building blocks for our company to win more turnkey coated optics jobs.  
Keep up the good work!

In working with AccuCoat for close to 15 years, my experience has always been that they have customer satisfaction as their number one priority.  Their team always goes the extra mile to support your projects and deliver beyond expectations. If your program requires optical coatings, AccuCoat is the right choice to make.

Thomas J. Goundry
Vice President of Business Development, CMM Optic




I have worked with AccuCoat for nearly twenty years, asking them to solve some very challenging optical coating requirements. They have always provided courteous and reliable technical support and have proven to be a valuable business partner.

Dominick Polizzi
Optical Sales Manager, Swift Glass Co., Inc.

Our company is in a state of significant growth in terms of existing plastic optics and new plastic optic products. AccuCoat has been an outstanding partner in helping us to keep up with our demand. We have had several recent cases where we have needed expedited turnaround, and AccuCoat has done everything possible to meet our needs. They work with us very collaboratively, and their partnership is very much appreciated!

Mark Heeks
Director of Operations Program Management, Rochester Precision Optics

AccuCoat is a valued partner.  Excellent coating quality and their attention to detail is evident with every shipment.

I’ve been working with Accucoat for almost 5 years and they are by far one of my best suppliers.  They are extremely flexible with our frequently changing customer demands and very reliable when we do get set commitments in place.  We’ve had a few cases where we’ve needed their technical support and they are very effective with problem resolution.  The staff is very responsive and communicative and are always triple checking that our needs are satisfied.  I enjoy working with them and would highly recommend them as a supplier.

Jody Leigh, Corporate Buyer, Syntec Optics

Kate, and the Accucoat team are a great resource. Their knowledge and helpful hints have added much to our ability to meet customer requests. I am specifically impressed with Kate’s response time and attention to detail!

Robert Gutzmer, Procurement Manager, Sydor Optics

Sydor Optics




We have worked with AccuCoat for more than 13 years. The coatings they provide for our products have been used in many applications where our customer requires a durable reflective coatings. They stand behind their work as well.

Stephen Pasquarella, President

Vincent Associates




AccuCoat is a very solid company.  We enjoy working with your sales and technical people and trust them very much.  Changes in customer service are a big help.  Also, it seems like lead times are improving.  

- Kevin McMahon, CMM


You guys do very well for us.  In the last 6 months, every time we have requested a quote, it was swiftly delivered.  That is much appreciated.  I know you guys have been swamped at times and so quotes are hard to get out. Quality has been very good.  We have had a few questions and you and Alan and Paul have been great at addressing our questions/concerns.

... we RARELY recommend a coater.  We HAVE recommended Accucoat, however.

Your team does a great job, and I hope you are content with them.  We certainly feel like Accucoat is quite helpful and an asset to us in our operations.  Alan is a particularly good person to have in the position you have him in.  Clone him.  It will make you money. 

Thanks to all your people.

 - Monty MaGill


"We have the AC150 on some 6" x 9" windows you coated for us many years ago. Works great! Still looking good many years later, have been exposed to the weather and everything. Wipe down with isopropyl and they look good as new."

 - Rick Y.