Protect Your Optics, Reduce Your Costs

Are you looking to improve yields and cut down on the handling, cleaning, and packaging time for the coated optics in your manufacturing process? We provide many of our volume OEM customers with custom totes stocked with tooling perfectly sized to fit their optics, from mirror blanks to lenses.

Simply prepare and load your parts into the sandwich tools provided, then slide the tools into the preset slots in the AccuCoat-provided tote. This allows you to control the cleaning process for glass or crystal parts with no direct individual piece handling on our end. Many of our OEMs with molded optics mount directly into our sandwich tool directly from the molding machine. Your parts arrive at our site in perfect condition and ready to be loaded directly into the chamber. Once coated, they are loaded back into the same dust-free totes for return shipping to you.


Our durable custom tooling totes improve your bottom line by minimizing damage to parts and cutting down on labor & handling by at least 75%. Handling and/or inadequate packaging is the greatest risk factor for damage or contamination of optics prior to coating, making this a considerable process improvement that directly benefits your bottom line.




Shipping of Tooling Totes

We recommend additional packaging of our portable tooling cases in shock-absorbing foam to minimize damage to parts and ensure safe delivery, from start to finish.

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