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Issue 3, June 2018

As we head into Summer, we are focused on what we offer as coated products, in today’s case, beamsplitters. The quality of our glass coatings, the materials that go into those coatings, and the key reasons that make a profound difference in the outcome. We’re also paying attention to ways of making it easier to do business with us, so we’ve created our 9 Top Tips for Coating on Glass. This is also downloadable for easy sharing with your team for a head start on your next glass coating project.

Happy almost Summer!

Beamsplitters – Divide, Combine and Conquer

When you need to separate or overlap two beams on the optical bench or in product design, the solution is most often the humble but elegant beamsplitter. In this technote, we’ll look at the types of beamsplitters that AccuCoat can provide, and a number of the applications they serve from bar-code scanners and heads-up displays to range finders, microscopes, and AR/MR systems.

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9 Top Tips – Before You Send That RFQ for Coatings

Because your time is valuable, and we all love efficiency, we offer you our first of a new series of key considerations to your substrate selection, application, optical design, and more.

Share this with your design engineering team and buyers before your next inquiry to help get the answers you need from us, even faster!

Read the Top Specs Tips for Coatings on Glass

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