We consider many aspects of your application and needs when designing a coating. Jump-start the quoting process by sharing any specifications you can. Don’t worry about the rest – we’ll sort out the details together.


A substrate drawing, sketch, or photo

This lets us quickly see what we need to coat, from form factor to curvature and size, as well as any fine features that need to be coated. It allows us to decide tooling, and determine whether a multi-axis chamber needs to be used to guarantee uniformity. Be sure to mark the coated surface(s)!

Substrate material

Is it standard BK7, or a special grade of fused silica? We work regularly with BK7, fused silica, Borofloat®,
Zerodur®, B270, D263, Gorilla Glass, and a wide variety of optical glasses. Whatever your glass type, there is a good chance we have worked with it.

Coating type

Do you need an antireflection coating? Or maybe your application calls for a beamsplitter, filter, mirror, neutral density filter, polarizer, or something else. Not sure quite what to call it? A sketch works just as well!

Wavelength & efficiency specs

Depending on your application, this could be a single wavelength range, individual wavelengths, or separate bands for transmission and reflection. We design coatings for the UV through IR. Just tell us the wavelengths you need to transmit and/or reflect, with the desired performance for each (for example, T ≥ 95%, 400-650 nm).

Angle of incidence

At what angle(s) will light hit the optic? Do you need the coating to perform at a single angle of incidence (AOI)
or over a range? This has a significant impact on coating design and performance!

Clear aperture

The clear aperture (CA) is the area of the optic that needs to meet all coating specifications.
It impacts the fixturing we use, and defines final quality standards.

Surface quality

Often called “scratch/dig,” the surface quality we can provide depends also on the incoming optic.
We can coat and inspect to 100/80, 80/50, 60/40, 40/20, and even 20/10 with the right substrate.


Do you have special needs for adhesion, abrasion testing, operating temperature, or humidity? Does a specific MIL-SPEC standard need to be met for salt solubility, salt spray fog, or other condition? We are experts in durable coatings for harsh operating conditions. Some applications also have special cleanability requirements.

Any other details?

Light source specs may be relevant for some color balancing applications in lighting (wattage and fluorescent vs incandescent vs halogen), or when high intensity fiber light or a laser is used. Perhaps you’re looking for a new vendor to solve specific issues, or need special packaging to streamline your supply chain.


Need a coating on glass?  Tell us your needs  -  we are here to create solutions.

Obtain the information you need, faster, with our handy checklist PDF.
Use this tool to gather up all of the key specs for your project before contacting us for pricing.