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Issue 2,  Winter 2019

As we close out 2019, this issue is focusing on how we approach coating large optics, adding value with increased yields, optical design for even better part performance, and ensuring that our coatings meet stringent durability requirements.

With 20 years in the industry, we’ve perfected our processes from quote to promised delivery time for our customers around the world.

– The AccuCoat Team

Removing the Worry When Coating LARGE Optics with AccuCoat

large glass in coater unit

Coating large optics has its own set of challenges. We’ve spent 20 years defining the best processes to give you the best source for a predictable outcome, every time. We’ve earned a stellar reputation in the optics industry as a result.

Our expert optical design engineers work as an arm of your R&D Team to create the best optical performance for your application requirements.

Coating larger sizes take time. Time to set up, time to clean up. Time to apply the coatings. We approach this with three ways to ensure success.

First – Our custom tooling supports any size for optimal coating on your parts. We offer both stock and custom chamber tooling for more options.

Second – We support larger volume runs with our ample coating capacity.

Third – Knowledgable and experienced operators that watch over every order like it’s their very own.

Is your provider shipping a high percentage of acceptable parts? We pride ourselves in less waste and more parts per run to save you overhead on every run we do for you.

Delivery as Promised. Get your order on time, on the agreed-upon day when you work with AccuCoat.

Not in the USA? No problem. Our team has experience working with global teams to give you the best outcome, no matter where those parts need to be next.

We can help with those challenging to manage large glass coatings!

Types of Coatings Offered:

  • AR
  • AR/IR
  • Long-pass & short-pass edge filters
  • Immersed & non-immersed design dichroic beam splitters
  • Attenuation filters
  • Beam combiners
  • Neutral density filters
  • Metallic mirrors
  • High reflectors

Get a “YES” the next time you need large optics coated!
Learn how we can help your project or application.

Delivering More Value with Increased Yields,
Part Performance, and Durability on AR Coatings

Our customer came to us with several AR coating issues on Germanium. They were struggling with marginal coatings that sometimes failed performance testing for transmission at 4.4 um. The coatings were not consistently durable for the intended environment, which was a problem for the end-user.

To address these critical issues, we started by developing a new coating design to alleviate the transmission problem and created a plasma cleaning step that allowed the parts to meet the demanding eraser durability test parameters. These actions resulted in the parts exceeding the transmission performance required for the application.

Our customer was very pleased with the redesigned part performance and the fact that they could now satisfy their customers by delivering a higher transmission rate.

In addition to developing a solution that performed over and above for both performance and durability, we also increased the volume of parts delivered, which the previous supplier was unable to match.

As a result of our much higher yield rates, the improved AccuCoat parts were created at a similar cost to the customer, with a measurably improved acceptance rate over the past provider.

Learn more about all of our AR coating options.

On the Floor with AccuCoat

glass coating tips

Before You Send That Next RFQ – Tips for Coating on Glass Substrates

Because your time is valuable, we have developed this series of key considerations for your team to make the quoting process less stressful.

Top Specs for Coatings on Glass

Currently, we offer two additional checklists for when you need to request a quote:
Top Specs for Coatings on Metal, or Top Specs for Coatings on Plastics

Share these with your design engineering team and buyers before your next inquiry to help get better answers, faster.

Alan Parsons, Sales ManagerReady to help.
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