AccuCoat Offers MRD Coatings for Military and Commercial Use

MRD-drawing opticApril 15, 2022, Rochester, NY — Historically, AccuCoat Mini Red Dot Coatings were provided to the military on glass substrates for optimal durability and performance. More recently, designs have been transitioned to plastic optics with the same MIL-Spec features, reducing weight and cost. Due to the rise in popularity of the product on the commercial market today, AccuCoat offers custom design support and optional VIS-NIR coatings with on-time delivery for high-performance and commercial options.

“The challenge was spurred by a request to convert the glass optic performance and durability against jet fuel, insect repellent, and humidity to plastic optics. We developed an option that was the only one that fully passed the customer’s testing barrage,” stated Paul Meier-Wang, President.

AccuCoat provides coatings for 575nm or 650nm red LEDs, but MRD coatings can be created and optimized for any visible range with high transmission. An AR coating is placed on the opposite side to prevent ghost imaging of the dot when at eye level.

“We optimize the color in transmission, which is constrained by the LED and is close to neutral. The transmission can be optimized for any need. We have also developed coatings that do not interfere with IR detectors when needed for IR night functionality. Optics that do not transmit blue or green tints can indicate an entry-level optic.”

With competition use and home protection on the rise, AccuCoat can coat at volume for the MRD commercial market on either glass or plastic optics with custom adjustments for performance level and durability needs. With over 20 years of experience and problem-solving technology, our highly trained coating team is ready to alleviate your performance frustration, bump up run volumes, and extend optic performance needs.

For more information on obtaining MRD coatings in the USA, we invite you to contact us via