November 28, 2022, Rochester, NY – AccuCoat inc. announced its push into thin-film coatings for use in the medical market, including ophthalmic in-office instrumentation, color correction coatings for surgical suite lighting, wearable visors, surgical robotic optics, and endoscopes that require custom coatings for peak performance and durability.

AccuCoat produces reflection and transmission spectral performance measurements ranging from 185nm to 3300nm and 2.5µm to 50µm wavelengths to cover the spectrum from the UV-VIS-NIR and LWIR. R&D coating prototypes, expert coating design support, small run parts for further testing, and high-volume production coating is available to handle needs from concept to product launch.

Testing is vital for this particular group of applications, and a full suite of environmental and durability testing is on-site to speed up acceptance.

If your AR optical requirements for medical, ophthalmologic, or veterinary diagnostics and treatment include heavy durability and performance, contact AccuCoat for support at