Optical Coatings for Defense and Security Markets

AccuCoat Inc. provides optical coatings on many of the optics used in the Defense & Security Markets. Our coatings have been tested to meet the most demanding Military Specifications and High Laser Damage Threshold Tests (LTD).

Many of our coatings, custom and standard, have been tested to meet the stringent environmental and durability testing as specified by the following Military Specifications:

• Mil-M-13508C • Mil-PRF-13830B • Mil-C-14806A
• Mil-C-48497A • Mil-F-48616 • Mil-C-675C • ISO 9211-3

Defense and Security Applications

• Laser Guided Optics • Night Vision Optics • Military LED Lighting • Ordinance Optics • Eyepieces • Heads Up Displays • Helmet Mounted Displays • Ocular Displays • Tactical Communication • 2D/3D Scanners • Homeland Security • Smoke Detector Optics • Fire Control Systems • Range Finders • Gas Analyzers • Scan Mirrors • Micro Displays • Detectors • Video Eyewear • Artillery Sighting

Defense and security application optical coatings