LiDAR-related applications that must function in the field require thin-film optical coatings on polymers with long-term durability. AccuCoat has perfected our wide-angle coatings for this growing market, including optics intended for road and toll sensors, HUD, and LiDAR. As Tesla AI and other connected vehicle manufacturers mature their applications, demand is growing for specific knowledge around wide-angle coatings at 50-60 degrees on windows. Build-to-print or fully custom-designed optical filters and reflectors can be created to specifications around operating temperature, angle of incidence, bandwidths, high transmission needs, and spectral uniformity. 

Literal market assistance. 

Industry leaders in the UK and Germany are driving growth in Europe, and the major US auto manufacturers are already offering new semi-autonomous and safety options. With 160M+ vehicles now using fleet map rendering, navigation, electric charge point locations, lane assistance guidance, and intelligent sensor data, this market continues to explode and advance its technology and needs. With the Artificial Intelligence automotive market projected to move past 12B USD by 2026, drivers are getting behind the wheel with more safety options than ever before. As more new cars hit the tarmac with guidance options, we’ll continue to be there to provide those AR coatings for all of the windows and spinners.

Wide-open terrain use often requires optics with wide-angle anti-reflective coatings. Challenging to create, we have perfected our designs, technical understanding, and coating process to allow high yields for the leaders in this market space. We’ve already been through the critical testing phase and have been running thousands of polymer lenses successfully. 

Not afraid of the water. 

The demand for specific AR coatings has risen in the past five years and includes new requirements for hydrophobic, humidity stability and additional MilSpec testing. We already create durable hydrophobic, wide-angle coatings on polymers in large quantities for military applications, so you know they can take whatever field maneuvers will dish out.  Unique knowledge around optical coating design for sustained outdoor use is challenging to achieve. The AccuCoat team has dedicated the time to perfect and test these select coating types to run like clockwork. We have a full suite of in-house testing equipment and staff to provide best-in-class verification on every order if need be.

What wavelength does your LiDAR application require?

When optimizing for single wavelengths, visible broadband, or high-efficiency functionality, AccuCoat will create the desired result on your polycarbonate, Zeonex, polysulfone, or PMMA materials.

Al(most) every geometry is welcome at AccuCoat.

We routinely coat windows, spinners, and lenses with flat, curved, and cylindrical shaped substrates. Part sizes from 2 mm – 60 cm can be easily accommodated with our adjustable tooling, and custom tooling is always an option for high-volume production needs. We create and design this in-house to save time and overhead.

When time is of the essence, and it usually is, working with a coating group that appreciates the ins and outs of coating for these challenging applications, and knows how to deliver on time, is the ultimate peace of mind. Open communication channels with our production team allow your project lead to know where things stand from start to finish.

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