Large optics with complex shapes can be coated successfully in our six coating chambers, which are geared toward 3-D shapes. There are several reasons for this reputation in the optics space, so let’s dig into why this is.

Coating more than just flat optics.

Because of our in-house design engineer, we are able to confidently handle, coat, and ship large convex, concave, textured, complex prisms and spinner polygons through a fragile wafer-thin optic. It’s one of the things that sets AccuCoat apart from flat-only coating operations. We love the challenge of problem-solving for our customers and making them happy with our solutions.

Getting it Right the first time.

The aforementioned design engineer also allows us the confidence to coat where others have failed. We oftentimes will get requests for coating something “simple” that has not been able to be successfully achieved at other coaters. 

Experience matters. 

Need a lightweight option? Great. Need a coating on plastic that can also withstand jet fuel? We got you. Have a textured shape on a heavy glass part? No problem. We keep up with current trends in applications so that we can problem-solve faster.

“AccuCoat has developed in-house tooling enhancements and the ability to consistently coat 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm diameter glass wafers and up to 600 mm diameter mirrors.”

Popular AR coatings – high-efficiency broadband, narrowband and dual-band anti-reflective optical coatings as custom or standard offerings are available on glass, polymer and IR material substrates for UV, Visible and IR wavelengths.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who creates the best large mirrors of them all?

Mirror coatings with bare, protected or enhanced layers with > 99%R, are also available up to 600 mm diameter sizes to cover pretty much anything your R&D team can dream up. Flats, concave, convex, spinners and other complex shapes.

High yields from complex requests

“When we coat optics, our philosophy is that these are the customer’s products, and they should be handled that way. Whether expensive or low-cost, each customer’s product should be handled with equal respect. We treat all customers, large or small, with the same concern, whether it’s a single part in the run or a large volume OEM. I think that’s why they tell us they see much higher yield from us than other vendors,” states Patrick Iulianello, Vice President.

Need to see large examples of what we have already done? Check out this short showcase of large optic parts that have come through our doors and share with your team.

Watch our Video on LinkedIn showcasing the variety of large optics we coat!