Because of the upswing in large, very thin glass wafers for use in sensor technology from meta lenses to IR and UV filters, AccuCoat has developed in-house tooling enhancements and the ability to consistently coat 100mm, 200mm and 300mm diameter glass with thickness down to 0.5mm.

Glass Materials Are Ready To Go

We begin with substrates that have been ground and polished correctly and arrive most often in wafer carriers. Products may be crystal, Fused Quartz, IR materials, Fused Silica, or one of the many optical glasses available today from Ohara, Schott and Corning. Having materials arrive in excellent shape is important. Each part is put through an inspection process after unpacking to confirm they are acceptable to process. 

Custom Wafer Tooling

Our tooling department has created specialty metal tooling to securely hold large, very thin materials to prevent any twisting or bending during the coating process to ensure even coverage. At 300mm diameter and less than a millimeter thickness, the extra support is crucial for success with materials of this dimension and fragility. The tooling also protects against chipping damage during the handling and coating process.

Once the tooling is created, it is added to our library of hundreds of sizes for future use. This saves turnaround time and overhead with your next order.

Coating Large Glass Wafers

Depending upon the intended use of the optic, the wafers can be coated with metal for a highly reflective surface, AR coatings, beamsplitters, or coatings to produce long-pass or short-pass edge filters. Our in-house optical designer allows us to obtain the best result for your wafer application requirements.

Typical Applications for Coated Glass Wafers

Lighting space applications – reflecting telescopes

MetaLenses – polarizing imaging, light field imaging, phase imaging

IR and UV filters

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and Electronics

Semiconductor manufacturing – glass and silica wafers

Biotechnology – microfluidic chips