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Coating solutions for the end of project squeeze
Coating is the last step before an optic gets assembled, and we know how tight schedules can get at this point. That's why our engineers ask the right questions to understand your application and your optical design, allowing us to quickly offer creative solutions that meet your true needs. In fact, we typically deliver within 1-2 weeks from receipt of parts, often by adapting in-house tooling to keep you both on schedule and on budget.
More Coatings on More Substrates
Single layer, V-coat, W-coat, BBAR
50/50 to 70/30, Non/polarizing
Dielectric, Metal/Protected/Enhanced/Bare: Al, Cu, Ag, Au, chrome, nickel
Long/shortpass, neutral density
Acrylic, Mylar, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polysulfone, Ultem, Zeonex
BK7 to Zerodur
Al, Be, Cu, nickel plated, stainless
Crystals, Si/FS wafers, IR materials
We're both smaller and bigger than you think
We routinely deposit custom coatings on as few as 1-2 parts for research use and OEM prototyping. Our 11,000 sq ft facility is home to 6 coating chambers, giving us the flexibility to coat both high mix and high volume. From consumer goods to high-performance optical instrumentation, we design our coatings for manufacturability, delivering the same performance from prototype to volume.
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111 Humboldt St. Suite 8, Rochester, NY 14609 |  Ph: 585.288.2330