Issue 1, January 2017

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In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the specialized cleaning, handling, and deposition processes required to deposit coatings on plastics to MIL-SPEC standards. But why choose plastic optics?
In Part 2, we explore the many coatings we can offer in the transition from glass to plastic. We'll also share case studies of some successful projects, from laser sighting optics and mylar sheets to hot mirrors for virtual reality.  

Case Study: Spinners Keep Things Moving
Optical coatings applied to spinners are used in critical laser guidance systems, bar code readers, land surveying, and LIDAR technology. At AccuCoat, we coat these multifaceted polygons and cylinders using a sophisticated system that enables rotation of parts around multiple axes simultaneously. This ensures we can deliver uniform high reflectivity and AR coatings, whether on injection molded plastic parts or high precision spinners for premium laser market applications.
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Giving Back to Optics Education
Five years ago, AccuCoat began working with instructor Paul Conrow at East High to engage students in its Precision Optics program, recently assisting the school in sourcing and refurbishing a previously used coating unit to support mirror and AR coating instruction, and hands-on practice in the lab space. East is the only high school in the US offering full polishing, coring, and coating training, with the intent of graduating skilled students that go on to join the photonics industry. 
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