While many know us for our quick-turn prototyping, some of our longest-running customers are our OEMs. They trust us to take their product designs from proof of concept through to production with the right specifications, delivering on-time every step of the way. They’ve come to count on the engineering expertise we provide from first RFQ, knowing we will work with them as a design partner to achieve the best system performance with the simplest, most cost-effective coating solution.

We’ve supplied coated optic volumes in excess of 150,000 pieces/year to a single OEM, and have developed the manufacturing, quality, and business processes to support this capacity. We are equally comfortable handling very expensive components and stock molded parts, and have considerable experience cleaning and coating diamond turned optics at both prototype and production volumes. Our six coating chambers accommodate a variety of substrate types and parts from 2 mm to 60 cm (24”) using adjustable tooling.

OEM Products Served: Medical devices, industrial devices, consumer electronics, lighting, complex scientific instrumentation, military display and detection.

Low Volume Optics

If a handful of optics is all that your order requires, we can support that as well. See our information on low-volume production support.

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