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Issue 2,  Summer 2020

We are expanding! See our exciting news below in terms of what this means for your orders for prototypes and large volume runs, as well as metrology and testing capabilities.

AR Coatings are essential for health and wellness applications right now. Read on to learn how we are supporting the need for this type of coating.

- The AccuCoat Team

2020 Can't Stop Our Expansion!


With all of the challenges that our community has faced in the past months, we’ve stayed true to our course as an “essential business” and continued to pursue our expansion goals.
This expansion has allowed us to provide even larger run volumes and specialized metrology for all of our customers.

We are excited about the added flexibility of scheduling so we can offer even better service and turnaround for you!

The addition of our new Denton Integrity 36 coater occurred this spring, which is now fully installed, optimized, and ready to load up with your glass or metal substrates. The medium-sized chamber bridges the gap between small and large runs and part size with high efficiency.

“The decision to incorporate a new coater to our existing line-up was due in part to a healthy 2019 and our goals to continue to offer the best coating service and as-promised delivery to our customers. As an added bonus, our IR coating capability is now less impacted by other run schedules and we are now coating larger IR runs already,” stated Paul Meier-Wang, President.

Along with more coating capacity, we’ve added more metrology and testing to our offering as well this Spring. Now with a headcount of four spectrophotometers and two environmental chambers, we can quickly measure and verify UV-VIS-NIR (185nm-3300nm), and IR (LWIR) 2.5-50 um.

Our two environmental chambers round out our in-house metrology suite with tests for abrasion, adhesion, humidity cycling, temperature cycling, water-solubility, salt solubility, and cleanability for meeting MilSpec and ISO Standards.

Anti-Reflective Coatings:  Making New Technology Function

Used by almost every industry, and the key to many new and upcoming technologies, are anti-reflective optical coatings.

With both custom-designed and standard AR coatings available on glass, plastic, or even crystal substrates, planning for a new project becomes that much easier.  We offer quick-turn prototyping through large volume production, teamed with engineering supervision, and even design support.

  • high-efficiency broadband coatings
  • narrowband coatings
  • dual-band coatings

Need your coating order to meet MilSpec or ISO certification? Just ask Alan!

Regarding the current environment that we all currently live and work in, we want to take a moment to say Thank You!

to our dedicated customers, engineers, and buyers for continuing to support and work with us. We are grateful for these relationships. We understand and value, now even more so, that excellent service and the highest standards of delivered work are important to everyone in our industry as we move forward collectively.

We would also like to thank our incredible AccuCoat staff for their hard work, flexibility, and dedication during all of the uncertainty!

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