Antireflective and High Reflective Coatings from AccuCoat

Increase your glass optic’s performance with an anti-reflective (AR) coating or a high-reflective (HR) coating. Specifically designed HR coatings reflect most or all of a wavelength band while adding AR coatings will increase the transmission of a specific wavelength or wavelength band. Our experienced engineers will help you to determine the best available standard or create a custom-designed coating to maximize your application outcomes.

Antireflective Coatings On Glass – Decreasing reflection by increasing transmission

The term “anti-reflective” is slightly misleading, as this coating is actually boosting specific light wavelength transmission through the optic. Any time you need to increase light transmission through a glass optic, there also are several reflections and material absorption to take into account in the design.

AccuCoat custom designs your exact AR recipe and applies a durable coating on your glass substrates for various applications, including aerospace, AR gaming glasses, and phone camera lenses. Low light use conditions gain marvelously from this addition and can boost transmitted photons from 85% up to 98 or even 99.5%.

Working with a knowledgeable optical designer is important to the development process when your application will be used in challenging conditions (ie. space, military field use, medical).

We also offer standard AR coatings for commonly requested wavelengths for a more rapid turnaround.

Single Layer AR Coating – AC 120R Avg < 2.0 % 450 nm – 650 nm
AR Coating (V-Coat) AC 130Less than 0.25% R at specified wavelength633 nm, 1064 nm, 1550 nm
Visible Region AR Coating – AC1000.5% R Avg in the visible range450 nm – 650 nm
High-Efficiency Coating (VIS) – AC140Typically 0.5% Absolute Reflection over the range is indicated425 nm – 675 nm
Multilayer Broadband AR Coating (VIS-NIR) AC 1450.5% R Avg in the Vis-NIR range400 nm – 900 nm
Multilayer Broadband AR Coating (NIR) AC1600.5% R Avg in the NIR region900 nm – 1700 nm
Standard AR Coatings on Glass Materials From AccuCoat

High Reflective Coatings on Glass

High reflective coatings are commonly used in conjunction with laser light sources to minimize loss and are the opposite component to our AR coatings listed above. Laser cavity end mirrors are a typical user application, especially where absorption and scatter are critical to mitigate. AccuCoat’s multilayer dielectric HR coatings on glass are typically called for when an increase in reflectivity is required. However, metallic coatings can be easily damaged when used with high-powered lasers, so caution is advised when selecting your coating to avoid burnout. Working with an experienced coating house enables you to add the correct coating type for your end-use for an extended coating life.

We recommend using the option of adding a dielectric overcoat to protect the outward facing side of the mirror optic when durability in the field is paramount or when the intended use will be in high oxidation surroundings. For astronomy-based applications, Al, Au or Ag coatings are regularly utilized.

The polygons and spinners used in LiDAR reflector applications typically include our Enhanced Aluminum or Protected Gold coatings.

Protected Aluminum Coating – AC200>88% R Avg450 nm – 650 nm
Enhanced Dielectric Aluminum Coating – AC201Typical 95% R Avg450 nm – 650 nm
Protected Silver Coating – AC21095% R Avg to 97% R AvgVisible, 0.7 – 10 μm
Enhanced Silver Coating – AC211Increased reflection in the blue region0.4 – 5.0 μm
Protected Gold Coating – AC22098% Avg0.7 – 20.0 μm
Dielectric Mirror Coating 633 nm – AC250R > 99%633 nm
Standard HR Coatings on Glass Materials from AccuCoat

Challenging Shapes Should Apply

AccuCoat is known for having great success in applying coatings to very flat, convex and concave configurations on polished and molded glass shapes, due in part to our in-house capability to create custom tooling for specific projects that we coat. Our in-house tooling allows for faster turnaround and optimal coating for your project duration.

Your success is our goal when it comes to the design, application and timely delivery of AR or HR coatings on glass optics. With our 20+ years in the coating business, we encourage a conversation with our team at the start of your next project to select the best option for your application or end-use.

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