Metal coatings can be applied as: Bare, Protected or Enhanced with dielectric layers. AccuCoat Inc. also produces Dielectric High Reflector coatings. These coatings can be applied to Glass, Molded & Diamond Turned Plastic, and Metal substrates. Many of these coatings have been tested to meet Military Specifications and High Laser Damage Threshold tests (LDT) and are finding their way into many new Solar applications. AccuCoat recently added the capability to coat polygons and spinners.

Coating Types: Aluminum (Al), Gold (Au), Chrome (Cr), Dark Chrome, Copper (Cu), Inconel, Nickel (Ni), Silver (Ag), Titanium (Ti), All Dielectric

These coatings can be optimized for use as first or second surface mirrors or adjusted for specified wavelength or angle of incidence ranges.

Metal & Dielectric Coating Options

Protected Aluminum Coating - AC200
Aluminum overcoated with SiO2, Over 88% Reflection average in the visible region (450nm - 650nm)

Enhanced Dielectric Aluminum Coating - AC201
Aluminum overcoated with dielectrics, Typically 95% Reflection average in the visible region (450nm - 650nm)

Protected Silver Coating - AC210
R avg. 95% for Vis., R >/= 97% for 0.7 - 10um

Enhanced Silver Coating - AC211
Offers higher reflectivity for the blue region

Protected Gold Coating - AC220
Gold coating overcoated with dielectric R avg. 98% for 0.7 - 20um

Protected Gold Coating IR > 3µ - AC221
Protected Gold for IR Typical R> 95% @ 3µ


Dark Chrome Coating - AC230
Chrome coating overcoated with dielectric to achieve low reflection in the visible spectrum.

Neutral Density Filters - AC240
Standard and custom designs available


Dielectric Mirror Coating 633nm. - AC250
Standard and custom designs available.
Typical R> 99.9%